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Are You Struggling With Your Career?

  • Are You Bored With Your Job?
  • Want a career that fits your qualifications?
  • Worried about not having Canadian experience?
  • Job applications not converting to interviews?
  • Feeling helpless and insecure about your future?
  • Want to get paid what you deserve?

We help Canadians find their dream jobs that fits their interests, qualifications and experience.
We provide online on-demand e-courses and one-on-one career coaching.
So that Canadians can make a difference in their careers and have the lifestyle they desire.

Discover how the Canadian Job Search Academy has been helping professionals and graduates land their dream jobs

Why Are We Different?

  • Free career services offer only basic resumé and job interview advice. For today's competitive market, we take your brand and skills to higher levels to beat your competition and win the job
  • Your ideal job goes beyond your resumé. LinkedIn and networking is crucial. We give you a step-by-step guide that will get you face time with hiring executives for the job you want
  • We treat your job search like a marketing campaign. This means we beat your competition and position you as the preferred candidate for the job you want


Download a high-converting resumé template that's proven to get more job interviews, and watch a short how-to video

What's my return on investment?

According to the Canadian Labour Congress, one in three Canadians are either unemployed or underemployed.

What is it worth to you, to have a job that challenges you, and pays an additional 20 to 30 thousand dollars per year?

How much would you save in lost salary if you found the right job in weeks instead of months or years?

The Canadian Job Search Academy will give you the career you want, that matches your qualifications and experience.

You will finally be able to afford your own home. Pay off your student debt sooner. And be an inspirational leader to others.

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LinkedIn And Resumé Blueprint

Build a high-converting resumé and LinkedIn Profile To Get More Job Interviews in Canada
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  • Research Canadian Job Market
  • Create The Perfect Resumé
  • Build an All-Star LinkedIn Profile


Build Your Canadian Network, Access The Hidden Job Market, Get More Job Referrals
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  • Engage With Hiring Execs Online
  • Get Informational Interviews
  • Become The Preferred Candidate


Get More Job Interviews and Master Canadian Interview Skills
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