Why Even Your Name Matters in A Job Search

Winning the job interview in Canada

A study by Ryerson university had confirmed that ethnic sounding names have a lower chance of getting called for the interview. The study called this “implicit bias”. It’s more commonly referred to as “unconscious bias”. Regardless, it’s still bias. This is less of a problem with large enterprise organizations, that embrace inclusion and diversity. Still, an […]

Your LinkedIn Profile Pic – Why a Professional Shot Matters

John Ribeiro - Canadian Career Coach

I just did a photo shoot with John yesterday. He’s an amazing photographer. All I heard all day was “Tilt your head”, “Adjust your jacket”, “Move your hands”, “Tummy in”, “Butt out”. A photographer is not just someone with an expensive camera. It’s also about positioning and lighting. This is why I’ve never even tried […]

How To Use LinkedIn Skills to Attract Recruiters

One area of our LinkedIn profile that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is our skills section. It looks like this Your skills section is important because when recruiters are searching for talent, there are typing these skills out in their search criteria. Linkedin’s algorithms (decision-making rules coded into software) are using the Skills section […]

How Big Should Your Network Be To Get a Job?

I conducted a mock interview with a client yesterday, and asked him how he got the job interview. Quite simply, he was following a networking strategy that I had outlined to him. He was connecting with hiring authorities on a pre-defined schedule he created for himself, gathering new industry info every week and sharing it […]

How Fear Destroys Your Networking Strategy

Networking in Canada is one of the biggest challenges faced by newcomers. They get it wrong, and they think they are doing it right. It’s not their fault. Networking techniques is one of those subjects that’s rarely spoken of in a job search. The right way to network is to build relationships with people who […]

The One Thing To Know About Canadian Work Culture

I’ve had three Canadian managers in the 5 years I’ve been here. There’s one thing I’ve noticed about them – when they need me to get something done. They don’t tell, they ask. “Can you get that reported completed by EOD today?” “Can you see if those reviews are up-to-date?” I remember a long time […]