I conducted a mock interview with a client yesterday, and asked him how he got the job interview.

Quite simply, he was following a networking strategy that I had outlined to him.

He was connecting with hiring authorities on a pre-defined schedule he created for himself, gathering new industry info every week and sharing it with his network.

As expected, not all were responding back to him – yet.

But something new was happening. His LinkedIn profile views significantly shot up. And because he invested in the premium service, he was able to see exactly who was viewing his profile.

While they may not be directly responding to him, he’s making big waves with his network. He’s getting them to check his profile. He’s getting them to take action. Which is much more than his competition is getting.

And guess what? Eventually, he got the job interview through a referral from one of them.

This is why a networking strategy is based on trust that your efforts will eventually pay off. You can’t expect instant 100% results. A networking strategy is like running a marketing campaign.

Companies run ads all the time, as you’ve seen. Yet, they don’t expect every single person who sees their ad to buy their product.

They focus on a conversion rate, say 10%. And that’s all they need to see a return on investment.

Your networking strategy is the exactly the same. If you consistently and periodically reaching out to n people, eventually some % of them will start to convert to referrals.

What is n? Research conducted by Orville Pierson – author of Highly Effective Job Search – shows that number is 25.

By building up to having 25 people in your core network, and consistently communicating with them by offering value week over week, trust that you will start to get referrals and eventually the job of your dreams in Canada.

Now you might be thinking, “Well Connel, if it’s just a numbers game, I can just apply to 100 jobs and expect a 10% conversion rate”.

Not exactly.

Mass applying to jobs with the same generic, faulty resumé is like reaching out to your network with “Hi” and “How are you” and “Hope you’re keeping well” messages. These types of messages don’t move the needle to getting a referral. In fact, you’re probably annoying your network.

You have to consistently be offering value to your network to get them to recognize and appreciate your messaging to them.

Share articles, share YouTube videos, share your professional opinion. In other words, entertain and educate them – professionally.

Orville Pierson stated that on average, by the time you’ve developed a core network of 25 people, you’d have found your next job.

It’s time to put the “work” in networking with a consistent networking plan and a killer LinkedIn profile to showcase the professional you!