One area of our LinkedIn profile that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is our skills section.Your skills section is important because when recruiters are searching for talent, there are typing these skills out in their search criteria.

Linkedin’s algorithms (decision-making rules coded into software) are using the Skills section to decide how high to rank you in their searches.

So I guess that’s pretty important right?

But here is something you might not know…

This is one of things where you should be doing more with less.

As tempting as it is to pack your profile with as many skills as possible (LinkedIn limits it to 50), 10-15 skills are enough. Instead of quantity of skills, the algorithms value quantity of endorsements.

What are endorsements? Go back to the screenshot above. See that little number next to each skill?

That represents the number of times someone on my network endorsed me for that skill.

And Linked loves those.

In other words, it’s more valuable for you to have 10 skills with 50 endorsements, than to have 50 skills with 5 endorsements.

So what should your skills be?

You have two options:
Option 1: Go with your gut. Brainstorm the skills you feel you have and use in your current job and add those.
Pros: Quick and easy
Cons: You don’t know if it’s what the Canadian market wants

Option 2: Go with research. Review 5-7 job descriptions in Canada for your target job and find the top 10 most common skills
Pros: You will rank higher
Cons: Takes a little longer
Pros to the cons: It’s worth it!

So your job search pro-tip for the day – find your skills (10-15) and update your LinkedIn profile.
Then, start giving out endorsements to your network. When you do, they are prompted to endorse you back.

After all, networking is all about give and take.