Bad job interview in Canada

I’ll never forget that interview where I was glad I did not get the job.

I was on time, but the hiring manager started the interview 30 minutes late.

Even though I was thoroughly prepared, I was not prepared for this level of negativity at the interview:

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • When was the last time you made a mistake?
  • How do you handle a drunk employee?
  • How do you challenge your boss?

I totally understand and get tough negative interview questions are part of the process. But it should be balanced with positive interview questions as well, about strengths, teamwork and projects.

To wrap things off, even though we started late, I had to leave on time because he had “another appointment”. And then he asks me how much my current salary is as I’m getting up to leave his office.

Had I gotten that job offer, I would not have accepted it.

I know at times it can be hard to reject offers, especially if you are on the job hunt for so long. But working in a toxic workplace can be very damaging to your well-being.

These are the five red flag signs to pay attention to at the interview:

  1. Talking more about themselves than their team. The worst kind of manager to get is a micro-manager. They micro-manage because they want to be in control. They want to be in control because they think they know best. As such, they will praise themselves more than their team members.
  2. The environment makes you feel uneasy. As you walk to the interview room, if you pass through the office, take notice of how people treat each other. Are they arguing in public? Is it oddly very quiet. Can you overhear few words of a conversation with an uneasy tone?
  3. A constant flow of negative interview questions. Tough, negative questions are expected. But if those types of questions dominate 80% of the interview, the manager is more concerned with your flaws than your strengths.
  4. Too much focus on your salary expectations. This means they are more concerned with what you cost over what you’re worth. Or the budget for this position is extremely tight. It’s a bad sign either ways.
  5. Disorganization. The interview started late, it was constantly getting interrupted, and it end unexpectedly. This means the hiring manager doesn’t value your time, and doesn’t recognize that your perception of the company is just as important.

Ultimately, if you come out of that interview feeling anything less that enthusiastic to get the job, it’s a sign it may not be a right fit for you.

Now if you’re thinking “Connel, that’s all great. But I don’t care. I need a job. Any job.” Well, if the bills are piling up, then by all means, take it.

But also take serious precaution. Desperation will show, and you might not get the offer.

If you take your job search strategy seriously, actioning every piece of advice from this blog, you’re sure to be the one in control of your career and getting multiple job offers to choose from.