LInkedIn recommendations

Yesterday I was binge shopping for little items I needed around the house on Amazon.

I had no idea what would be a good brand to buy. So I turned to the one thing I rely on in situations like this – Amazon reviews.

In the marketing world, the technical term for this is called “social proof”, and in today’s age of social networking, no brand should exist without it.

And that includes your personal brand on LinkedIn. This is where LinkedIn recommendations come in. It acts as the “social proof” to the recruiter reading your profile.

The more recommendations you have, the more the reader perceives you to be a team player, who is professionally popular.

It’s always more trustworthy when someone else compliments you. That’s the power behind social proof.

Yet, so many job seekers pay little attention to this part of their profile. And the reason is simple – this is one of those things that requires one to reach out to another human being and ask for something.

Comfort zone violation!

Fortunately, there is a way to get recommendations without the awkwardness of asking for favours. And that is to simply give before you receive.

When you give someone a recommendation on LinkedIn, they are more likely to reciprocate and give you a recommendation back.

Not to mention, you feel more comfortable reaching out as well, because you’ve done the work already.

Every recommendation should have three things:

  • Two skills about the person you are recommending
  • A specific (and brief) example of why you believe they have these skills
  • Your final endorsement

It’s important to be specific and provide context. This way the reader has a clearer understanding of what you are talking about.

Simple stating someone has great communication skills is too vague.

Here is a good example of a recommendation in John’s profile.

LinkedIn profile recommendation
  • 2 skills – humbleness and amicable personality
  • Brief example – Step-by-step questioning and healthy discussion
  • Endorsement – Enjoy talking to him, great work helping job seekers

Once you give a powerful recommendation like this, send a message to your recipient informing them of your act of kindness and if they would be willing to return the favour.

You should get a positive response and recommendation.

So set some time aside, and take on this activity of sending out 5-10 recommendations today. This will translate to more calls for job interviews.

Because you will stand out from your competition, who is not putting in the work to get these strategic activities done.