If you've been following me for a while, you know I've always recommended Job Scan as a must have tool for every job seeker.

I was waiting for the day that someone would compete with Job Scan, but no tool out there came close.

Until now...

Check out Jobseer.ai

The key difference with this tool, is that it is a Google Chrome extension.

And just like JobScan it's free, but you're not limited to 5 scans a month as far as I can tell. So when you're browsing for jobs posted on Indeed or LinkedIn - two job search boards that you can be sure has the job you're looking for - it automatically scores your resumé in real time.

That's a lot faster than manually going back-and-forth in job scan and copy pasting job descriptions multiple times.

But what really really really makes this tool stand out is the details it pops up right under your score.

It shows you the recruiter information as well as a potential contact you can get a referral from. And you can actually click a button to get their email address.

And the catch is revealed - you can only capture 5 email addresses per day!

Still, it's a lot more than what Job Scan offers.

However, don't cancel your subscription to Job Scan just yet.

I'm pretty confident that Job Scans experience with AI outshines Job Seer's for the most part. That's just a hunch. I would still trust Job Scan's scoring algorithms over Job Seer. Not to mention, JobScan also scores your LinkedIn profile as well.

Still, Job Seer is a job search AI tool to keep an eye on. I'll definitely be testing it out a lot more and come back with another post when I discover more.

I've always said, a job application is not complete until you've reached out to someone directly - the recruiter, hiring manager, senior manager. Looks like Job Seer agrees with me, and makes that process a whole lot easier for you.

So take Job Seer for a spin today and check it out for yourself. Let me know if you discover anything interesting yourself.