3 Free Tools To Find A Hiring Manager’s Contact Info

Finding a hiring manager in Canada

I’ve always said the most important part of your job search is getting into direct contact with hiring executives, as often as possible and as quickly as possible.

In fact, no job application is complete without reaching out to the hiring executives.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do I find their contact details?”

Well, in this day and age you have a whole host of tools to help you out. But I’ve found the below tools to be the most valuable in getting their contact.

#1 LinkedIn

Doing a filtered search by the company name, location and keywords of the job title of the hiring manager will be the first step.

Can’t find an email address without a name right?

So if you’re looking for a job at Honeywell for a supply chain analyst as an example, where the job description mentioned the location is in Toronto, enter that information into a filtered LinkedIn search, and see what names get returned.

You should find folks in supply chain with the title of manager, director, VP etc.

Those are the folks you should be contacting directly. Now that you have the name…

#2 Hunter.io
This free tool helps you discover the email address when you enter the name of the person and the company name.

According to their website, every day they “analyze millions of websites to index the most up to date business data.”

Now that you have their email address, the final piece is to make sure they’ve opened the email you’ve sent…

#3 Mailtrack.io
This is a free email tracking plugin for Gmail.

It tells you if the person has read your email (like the read receipt in Outlook)

Why is this important? Well, it’s not enough to just send emails to the hiring executives right? You need to be drafting the right messaging that grabs their attention and gets you a phone call for the interview.

If they’ve not been responding to your emails or you’re not getting calls, then you know there is something wrong in your messaging you need to tweak. At least you know now it’s your messaging, and not an unread email.

Stay ahead of the competition…
Others applying for the same job as you are either unaware or too afraid to contact the hiring executives directly.

That won’t be you! Use these tools to assist you in your job applications, and you’ll surely be getting those calls for the interview.

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  1. Big thanks to you Mr.Connel . These articles will be very useful for me and many more Job aspirants.🙂

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