5 Old-Fashioned Job Search Tips That Still Work Today

job search tips in Canada

Remember that time when a senior in our family said the phrase “Old is Gold” and we rolled our eyes?

Well, in some life situations, that cliché advice can benefit you. Certainly in a job search.

I’ll never forget how I got one of my job offers in Canada.

The recruiter called me up and the first thing she said was, “The only reason I’m calling you is because you’ve been really anxious to get this call. Because you actually posted your resumé to us.”

She then went on to say how this was an unconventional approach and advised me no to do it again.

I politely agreed.

But in my mind I was thinking “Had I not posted my resumé, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. So thanks for the tip, but I’ll continue doing what works for me!”

With technology taking over so many areas of our lives, we sometimes forget that if we ever take a more human approach to most things we do, that always has a deeper impact.

  • A phone call over an email
  • A hand written letter over a text message
  • A hug over an emoji

The same is true for a job search. In the end, who the job is awarded to is a human decision based on which ever candidate has made the most impact on the hiring manager.

In other words, who the hiring manager knows, likes and trusts the most.

Add these human-based approaches in your job search.

You will find yourself on the shortlist, in the interview room and negotiating job offers a lot more than your competition who are still clinging to technology.

#1 Post your resumé and cover letter
Why rely on the ATS or a recruiter to get these important documents to the final decision maker of the job? Posting them via Canada Post is a surefire way to ensure the hiring manager is reading your resumé.

#2 Follow up your application with a phone call
When you get on the phone with the hiring manager, they can hear your voice, they can assess your communication skills and get an understanding of your personality better than any resumé ever could.

#3 Send a hand-written thank you note
Keep a pen and blank sheets of paper with you at the interview. When you’re done, write that thank you note and hand it to the receptionist. Who else is going to do that? No one! Just you. That’s why you will stand out.

#4 Have a conversation at the interview
Yes, you will be nervous. But try to build the confidence to have a conversation at the interview. Don’t just answer their questions and remain silent till the next one. Conversations build likability and memorability. Ask questions about the interviewer and their opinions of the role and company. Make it about them. After all, don’t we all love to talk about ourselves?

#5 Take notes
During the interview, it’s perfectly acceptable to take notes. Just don’t spend too much time looking down. Remember, eye-contact! Jot down a few words (not essays) to serve as reminders of questions to ask later. It gives the interviewer the perception that you are organized and are taking their words seriously.

In a job search, these gold-fashioned tips can open up precious opportunities for you.

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