Four Must-Have Apps Every Job Seeker Needs

A job search is a stressful time – we all know that.

Any ways to make our lives a little easier and less stressful is always welcome.

Fortunately, our phone addictions can help 🙂

Here are four apps I personally recommend you must have in your career toolkit.

No surprises here I guess.

LinkedIn not only has a great listing of jobs, it’s how you stay connected with your professional network and recruiters. With LinkedIn premium, you get analytical insights, knowledge of who has viewed your profile, and the all-important InMail that allows you to message anyone, even if they are not a 1st level connection.

DID YOU KNOW: Even though you are limited to a fixed quantity of InMails per month, if the person you are messaging responds within 90 days, you get your InMail credit back.

All the more reason to craft the perfect message that entices a response.

A common question I get asked – “How do I give value to my network? How do I help them?”

Flipboard is a great start. It’s a news aggregator where you can choose the topic that interests you.

You can follow your industry topic and be fed everyday with the latest news in your industry, and easily share it with your LinkedIn network right from the app.

No more excuses! It’s never been easier to stay in touch with your network in a helpful way.

There was a time when LinkedIn had a “Relationships” tab. In there, you could set reminders to reach out to your network.

Till they removed it.

Enter Jibber Jobber – the best app to organize your job search.

Among many things, you can organize your core network, log notes about them and track your conversations.

And most importantly, set reminders to reach out to your network. Consistency is key if you want to stay on everyone’s radar.

Like I said, a job search is a stressful time. As busy and frustrating as our lives can be, we have to take a moment(s) to ourselves, calm our minds and body, so we can develop the resilience needed in a job search.

Personally, I wake up and go to bed with Headspace everyday. I notice that when I’m persistently using this app, I can focus a lot better, and my moods are a lot more stable.

My wife certainly feels the difference with me, so it must be working 🙂

While the concept of meditation might seem silly to some of you, there’s no harm in trying right? You can use Headspace for a free trial to see what all the fuss is about.

Job search tip of the day: Add these apps to your career toolkit. You won’t regret it.

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