Job Interview Follow Up – Dos and Don’ts

Follow up after job interview in Canada

Let me tell you about an interview that resulted in us blacklisting the candidate.

Let’s call him Bob.

Bob performed relatively well during the interview. We kept him under serious consideration. But after several other candidates were interviewed and reviewed, another person who we felt was a better fit got the job.

During this time, Bob emailed us pretty much every day, asking for an update on the status, even though we told him we still had a week of interviews to do.

While we appreciated his enthusiasm for the role, eventually his emails got annoying.

Finally, we told him the job went to another candidate who was a better fit.

Things only got worse at that point.

He started to demand his interview performance feedback from us, ccing in HR as well.

Eventually, we shut him up. But rest assured, he pretty much wrote himself off our good books for life.

Following up after a job interview is critical to getting the job, but it must be done without crossing the line to desperation and harassment.

I know you might be in a desperate situation. I know that you might be frustrated because you’ve been on countless interviews and they don’t convert. And now you’re dying to know where you’re going wrong.

You won’t get comfort from hiring executives. They don’t care about the candidates that don’t get the job, just the ones that do.

So follow a simple follow up plan, and you can tell yourself you’ve done everything you can.

The goal of following up is to:

  1. Demonstrate your interest in the role
  2. Address any open questions that were left unanswered during the interview


  • At the end of the interview, ask them when they will reach a decision
  • Send a personalized thank you note on the same day (preferred) or the day after the interview
  • In the thank you note, answer any questions you said you would get back to them on
  • Remind them of your strengths and why you’re a good fit for the role
  • Talk about specifics that were uncovered during the interview, really get personal
  • If they said they will reach a decision in 1 week, send a follow up note after 7 days
  • If they said they will reach a decision in 2 weeks, send a follow up note after 7 and 14 days


  • Email them every day (even if it’s to the third party recruiter)
  • Send generic emails to them like “Any updates?” Alway remind them of your strengths and what you specifically like about this role
  • Send them long messages. 2 paragraphs is more than enough.
  • Sound desperate. This is always a turn off and a red flag you just want the job for the money or the prestige of working for that company

Remember, the follow up is critical to stay-in-mind when you’re out-of-sight. Use it wisely.

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