Why Even Your Name Matters in A Job Search

Winning the job interview in Canada

A study by Ryerson university had confirmed that ethnic sounding names have a lower chance of getting called for the interview.

The study called this “implicit bias”. It’s more commonly referred to as “unconscious bias”. Regardless, it’s still bias.

This is less of a problem with large enterprise organizations, that embrace inclusion and diversity. Still, an ethnic name may be hard to pronounce by a Canadian recruiter or hiring manager.

Want to make their life easier and impress them at the same time with your attention to detail?

Use LinkedIn’s new name pronunciation feature.

On your mobile app, head to your profile and click on the “+ Add Name Pronunciation” link.

Your network can then see a little speaker icon next to your name like below

Will this eliminate the unconscious bias? Partly. The study showed that one of the concerns with ethnic names is difficulty in knowing how to pronounce it.

And with research showing over 80% of hiring executives viewing LinkedIn profiles, this will certainly help easily resolve that issue.

Not to mention, it shows you care. A winning trait that gets you the call for the interview.

Daily job search take away: Add your name pronunciation to your LinkedIn profile today.

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