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(without time-consuming customization for every application, without repeat edits from conflicting opinions, without expensive "professional" resumé writers)​

you are about to create a resumé that finally gets you the job interviews you want in Canada

If you are (or soon to be) a newcomer to Canada looking for your first job, then you probably already know you need a high-converting resumé that is not only Canadian compliant, but gets shortlisted by recruiters and noticed by hiring managers.

So I’m not going to bore you.

No need to repeat what you’ve already researched or been told by settlement services and online research about your resumé.

After all, you probably already know you have to patiently customize your resumé for every job application.

You also know that using the right “keywords” is important if you want your resumé to rank higher from the online software that screens your resumé – the application tracking systems (a.k.a “ATS”)



Even if you have the required skills, experience and qualifications required for the Canadian job market that made you eligible to immigrate to Canada, having a professionally designed resumé and LinkedIn profile can...


Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, it does happen. A well-designed, Canadian-compliant resumé that ranks high, will show up at the top-10 list on recruiters screen. And if formatted to their liking and checks all their boxes, they will be calling you.


Even if the Canadian market is new to you, the research required to create a well-designed resumé will focus on deep-diving into what the Canadian job market is looking for in the specific role that you are targeting, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to speak to your skills and experience and ace the interview.


By using automated keyword optimization tools and an analytical approach to designing your resumé, you will consistently have a resumé that is keyword optimized to the job description without time-consuming customizations for every job application


A well-designed All-Star LinkedIn profile tells your career journey in a way that impresses professionals in your industry. When they see your profile, they get encouraged to connect and engage with you.

"You're resumé is the most important financial document you will ever own"

Martin Yates, Career Coach and New York Times Best-Selling Author


So you took a chance at creating your own resumé.

You opened Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and started listing all the roles and responsibilities you had in bullet points into that document.

You used safe, professional-sounding words like “Results-Oriented”, “Passionate”, “Driven”, “Good communication skills”, “Fast Learner” – words you thought would impress the reader.

When you’re done, you’re pleased with your effort. You gave it your best shot!

However, you soon realize something went wrong.

You apply for job after job online, but the phone does not ring. Your inbox has nothing more than “Thank you for applying” messages, but no appointments for interviews.

Now you doubt your resumé. Is it your skills? Are you ready for Canada? Or will you have to start with entry level jobs, or even worse – survival jobs!

Here is why most newcomers don't get responses to their job applications

Without a clear step-by-step guide that specifically covers every single part of the resumé and LinkedIn profile, newcomers miss out on jobs they deserve.

Because the resumé didn’t rank high enough, or their LinkedIn profile did not impress the recruiter enough to break the tie with another candidate for the shortlist.

Here is why this is especially harmful for newcomers to Canada

It is stressful enough as it is settling in a new country. Not getting your first job will just add on to that stress.

Life in Canada is not cheap. You are now spending in Canadian dollars. The average income in Canada is C$200 per day. That’s how much you are losing in potential lost salary, and dipping into your hard-earned savings to get by.

This means you need to get into the workforce as soon as possible. And not with an entry level survival job. But with a career that you want, to justify the better life you wanted to have by moving to Canada.

Luckily for you, there are few people in Canada, even Canadians, that know how to create a high-converting resumé.

Most job seekers take the do-it-yourself approach, and make the same mistakes that result in no-response applications.

Which means…

By getting professional guidance with your resumé and LinkedIn profile, you stand a much better chance of ranking higher than your competition, and building a network that will reveal the hidden job market.




(and how to make sure yours will get interviews)



For the new job seeker, the most common approach to writing a resumé is to brainstorm all existing roles and responsibilities into bullet points one after the other. But this is a mistake.

A resumé is a marketing document, and you cannot communicate to a market you do not understand yet.

Canada’s job market could be very different, so you need to do the market research first! 

You need a simple yet thorough market research plan to understand what Canada needs for your target job title. Only then can you know what content goes into your resumé and LinkedIn profile. 



It doesn’t matter how qualified you are. If the online software screening your resumé does not “like” your resumé, it will not pass the test to be forwarded to the recruiter.

The more words in your resumé that match the job description, the higher it ranks it.

This is why you are told you need to “customize your resumé” for every job application. But who has the time? And how frustrating would it be to do that for every application?

You need a systematic approach to create a master resumé that is already keyword optimized, so you don’t need to waste a lot of time customizing it for every job application.



The process of creating a resumé isn’t just about filling the various sections in bullet points.

The reader must be convinced that you will bring more value to the organization than the salary they will pay you. You are, after all, an investment to the company.

Most job seekers have no problem listing the duties they perform. Where they struggle is understanding the true value they deliver to the organization. And that’s makes all the difference to differentiate you from the other candidates.

What you need is a systematic process that coaches you into deep-diving into your past experience so you can clearly bring out the true value you offer a Canadian organization, in a resumé-friendly format.



87% of recruiters check out a candidate’s LinkedIn profile after reviewing their resumé.

If there is any doubts in your resumé, it’s your LinkedIn profile that will make the difference to getting the call from the recruiter.

Yet, most job seekers simply copy paste their resumé content into their LinkedIn profile, and leave their profile to all the default settings which fails to impress someone who is looking at it to learn more about your story.

You need a complete guide that covers each section of your All-Star LinkedIn profile. A simple methodology that narrates the story of your career and brings out your personality, that clearly shows how are different from other candidates.


Even though there are a million templates out there and free resumé assessments, you’ll never get a resumé that perfectly describes your true value to an employer.

And the reason for this is because resumé writing is both an art and a science. It is a specialized marketing document. 

Not even hiring managers or recruiters know how to create a good resumé. Sure, they know a good resumé when they see it. But creating one? That’s an entirely different skillset.

As long as you trust a career coach with your resumé and LinkedIn profile, you can fast-track your way to a fulfilling career.

One that gives you the life and career you’ve always dreamed of having in Canada. And the financial freedom to invest in the education you’ve always wanted to achieve for yourself or your children.

The key ingredient to this is a digital course that provides you with a step-by-step framework to create the perfect Canadian resumé and LinkedIn profile.


A step-by-step framework for each section of your resumé and LinkedIn profile, that helps you build your network and get you more job interviews while minimizing resumé customization.

When I was a newcomer to Canada, I was just like you. No Canadian experience, no network. And I had limited qualifications compared to local competition.

I knew I needed a different strategy. So I studied from the best career coaches in North America, and upgraded my resumé and LinkedIn profile as per their guidelines.

My result? Three job offers in three weeks after landing, at a job that paid 40% more than I targeted.

Inspired by my personal success, I felt it was my obligation to help other newcomers succeed. Too many highly experience and qualified newcomers were either unemployed or underemployed for too long.

They deserve better.

So I created this course to prepare newcomers for the highly competitive Canadian job market with it’s conservative hiring processes.

RESUMÉ & LINKEDIN Blueprint isn't just a training course. It's a BRANDING project.

Yes, you will learn to create a high-converting resumé and LinkedIn profile. But more importantly, you’ll be able to express your skills and experience that is unique to you. And you will be able to clearly understand and articulate the problems you solve, and value you deliver for your future Canadian employer.

The end result: The perfect job you’ve been hoping to have in Canada that matches your interests, qualifications and experience. 


is the only online program built for Canadian newcomers that...


We go through an exercise to create a "brand tracker", that serves as the foundation of your resumé and LInkedIn profile. It's a step-by-step process that deep-dives into how to research your target job title(s) in Canada so you can be confident you have the right skills, experience and qualifications to get you the job you want in Canada.​


No more dreading keywords, and wondering if you've covered them all. Resumé & LinkedIn Blueprint gives you online tools that automates the process while ensuring they cover most job descriptions for your target job(s) so that you don't have to customize your resumé from scratch for each job application.


Provides a self-coaching framework that allows you to define the precise value you have delivered in the past. You can use this information not just in your resumé and LinkedIn profile, but bring it forward in your job interviews as well to get that job offer you've always wanted.


When a recruiter reviews your LinkedIn profile they don't want to see another version of your resumé. They want to see personality. They want to see your story unfold. We breakdown each section in your All-Star LinkedIn profile and upgrade the content so that the reader can feel your confidence in your skills and expertise.



Research The Job Market

A guided framework to research the Top 10 responsibilities and skills for your target Canadian market

Create Your Resumé

Create a resumé that is guaranteed to get shortlisted every single time .

Go All-Star LinkedIn

Build a LinkedIn profile that will get recruiters finding you when they search for talent.



A job search is like a marketing campaign – the first step is understanding your market.

Discovering what the Canadian job marketing is looking for from your target job title is the first step you need to take in order to build a brand you can be confident of.

This foundational knowledge will fuel your resumé and LinkedIn profile. No more guess work. You will be ready to build a resumé that has the skills and responsibilities prioritized by the Canadian market.


  • Discover the target job title that is right for you, so you can target a specific job title that you can aim for. You will no longer feel confused about what role(s) is best to get you started in Canada.

  • Understand the hard skills and qualifications needed for your target job in Canada. You will know for sure if your existing qualifications is enough to reach your goals. WES results are not enough. This exercise is the real-world analysis that will set you at ease with your qualifications.

  • Research the top tasks and responsibilities needed for your target job using a common sense analytical approach. You will come away feeling confident (and maybe even surprised) at how your target job is practised in Canada.



Now that you’ve done a thorough research on the Canadian job market, it’s time to build a resumé that recruiter will shortlist and hiring managers will be impressed with.

We will create a master resumé that is keyword optimized, value-driven and is designed to rank high with the online screening software, and stand out from the stacks of others resumés cluttering the recruiters inbox.


  • Eliminate common mistakes newcomers make with their resumés so you can be confident you will not be eliminating your candidacy with the same errors.

  • Deep-diving into each section and using the research from module 1 to prioritize the content. You will then use each research item to follow a self-coaching framework to articulate on your achievements and value you deliver to the organization. This is the key element that will make you stand out.

  • Finally, all that great content must be formatted to perfection, so that it can be easily scanned by impatient recruiters and tired hiring managers. Rest assured, they will not be missing your most important achievements and accomplishments.



The best LinkedIn profiles are the ones that get found by recruiters when they search for talent.

And that’s what we will be building together.

A keyword optimized, all-star profile that will not only get found by recruiters, but will impress your professional network connections as well.


  • A step-by-step break down of each section of your LinkedIn profile, and how you can make small tweaks and big changes that will stand out from other profiles.

  • How to create keyword optimized content in your summary and experience sections that not is accomplishment-driven, but tells a unique story of how your career has unfolded. This is what gives the reader insights into your personality – a key element in the Canadian hiring process.

  • Insights into Canadian network practices, and how to best use your uplifted LinkedIn profile to connecting with Canadian peers in your field, so that you get exposed to referrals and the hidden job market.


The Resumé & LinkedIn Blueprint is designed to get you more job interviews by ranking your resumé and LinkedIn profile higher for recruiters to find. And to create value-drive content that will convince them to call you.

So I’m inviting you to take the blueprint challenge. Within two weeks or less, you will complete watching the short videos and action the exercises in the program.

Knowledge is only half the battle. It’s execution that matters. I’m confident you will see the results you’ve always hoped for. I don’t need you decide “Yes” or “No” now. But I do want you to make an informed decision. And the only way you can make that decision is from inside the program.

So you have 30 days to make this informed decision. Get inside the program, take the blueprint challenge, and upgrade your resumé and LinkedIn profile in 2 weeks or less. After that, if you are still not getting more job interviews and calls from recruiters, I’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked.

Email me directly at connel@zero2hired.com, I push a button, and you’ll get your money back.



  • Get more job interviews in Canada
    Get the responses from your online job applications you've been struggling to get once and for all. A well-designed resumé with value-driven content is the key to ranking high and impressing recruiters and hiring managers
  • Understand the Canadian Job Market
    No more guessing. Stop wasting time and money on assumptions that you don't have the right qualifications. A step-by-step framework will build confidence in what the Canadian job market is looking for the target job you want.
  • Build a Canadian Network
    An all-star LInkedIn profile that is keyword optimized and tells your career success story will not only get found by recruiters but establish your credibility in the Canadian market. Ideal if you want to get exposure to the hidden job market from your network.




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If you don’t live in Canada right now, and you’re reading this, you’re in one of these situations:
  1. You have received your PR/ITA and are going to move to Canada permanently soon. This course will be perfect to get you prepared for your job search in advance and save you weeks or months of unemployment. With the right job search strategy, you may even get a job offer before landing.

  2.  You’ve applied to immigration and waiting for your results, or yet to apply. If it’s the express entry pool or the AIPP program, you may discover that you need a job offer to boost your CRS score. This course will increase your chances of getting interviews. The AIPP program in particular has designated employers that have agreed to hire from outside Canada. Upgrading your Resumé and LinkedIn profile and targeting those specific companies will be the way to get a job offer from them.

When I was back in Dubai before moving to Canada, I paid two resumé companies several hundreds of dollars to create my resumé for me.

It was a complete waste of time and money. Resumé writers in your home country do not understand how North American resumés are written.

And then there are those affordable online services that auto-create attractive-looking resumés. While those work well at networking events, they do not comply with online software that scan resumés. Canadian recruiters do not approve of those styles of resumés either.

Resumé & LinkedIn Blueprint has been created with North American resumé rules at the foundation. Each section of the resumé and LinkedIn profile has then been carefully broken down and explained so that you can produce a professional resumé that beats even the most professional writers standards.


While it is true some customization is needed for every application, if you create a strong enough master resumé to begin with, you will reduce your time spent customizing to a few minutes.

And that’s what this program is designed to do.

We go through an exercise where you optimize your first resumé and LinkedIn profile and pack it with the most relevant keywords in your industry that we show you how to discover through research.

You end up with a resumé that requires bare minimum customization so you can focus on applying to more jobs with the time you save.

Settlement services are focused on updating you with North American resumé standards.

That’s all they do. They cover valuable, but high-level information that you can probably read from any free online blog.

In other words, their goal is to put you at par with every other candidate competing for the same job as you.

Resumé and LinkedIn Blueprint does so much more than that. You will create a resumé and LinkedIn profile that stands out and puts you miles ahead of your competition, so that your resumé is the only one the hiring manager remembers.

With this program, you don’t need writing skills.

Every section of the resumé has pre-written templates for you to follow, with a step-by-step formula.

You just have to fill in the blanks. The only thing you need is a good memory and time to reflect on your past skills and experience, and the program does the rest.

What if you get stuck. I’m an email away at connel@zero2hired.com.

I believe in a clutter free inbox, and answer every single email I receive. Send over your resumé and you’ll get an expert review.


After you click on the Enrol button and fill out the form, your payment will be processed securely by our online merchant.

Our support team will get an order alert, and setup you course credentials within 24 hours.

You will then receive an email with access to your online course.

You have lifetime access to it. We periodically make updates to it, which you will automatically get for free.

So you’ve taken the Blueprint Challenge, complete every exercise in the course, and for some reason, it’s not working out.

Send me an email to connel@zero2hired.com

I don’t ask any questions. I click a button, and you will get your money refunded to you automatically within 7-10 business days.

I always say this.

“The best time to start something is yesterday. The second best time is now.”

Perhaps you’re saying to yourself, I’m not ready to move to Canada just yet, so let’s wait.

Whether you have a few weeks or a few months before you move, networking starts today.

While you may not be applying to jobs, you can start networking today with your Canadian peers.

And to impress them, you need a rock-star LinkedIn profile.

As you get closer to your move date, you will have a ton of things to do.

I know, I’ve been there.

Trust me, it’s best to get your resumé and LinkedIn profile out of the way so you can focus on other things.


You're ready for a life-changing career in Canada with RESUMÉ & LINKEDIN BLUEPRINT if...

You are still in your home country and planning to move to Canada soon.

This program will give you a resumé and LinkedIn profile that nobody else can. You will feel confident and thoroughly prepared for your job search in Canada. If you are a early planner and do your job search right, you may even get a job offer before landing.

You are in Canada, applying to jobs online, but not getting any responses.

No responses means there is something wrong with your resumé or LinkedIn profile. It's either not speaking enough to the value you're deliver or your accomplishments, or there is something in there that's disqualifying your candidacy. This program will transform your application and end your job search once and for all.

You are confident you have the skills and experience for the job you want.

You wouldn't be in Canada if you didn't have the right skills and experience. Now you just need a system and a framework to translate those skills and experience into a marketing document that converts applications to job interviews. That's what you will find inside this program.

You feel it's time to give your resumé and LinkedIn profile a professional upgrade

You've come to realize that perhaps the do-it-yourself approach is not the best way to move forward with a life-changing career. It's best to put and important document like this in the hands of a professional, so that you can have the confidence you're giving your career the attention it deserves.

You're already customizing your resumé for every job application

And feeling frustrated in the process. It's hard to try and please every single application by repeating the customization over and over again. This program is designed to keep customization to a minimum by creating a fully keyword-optimized master resumé.

You're worried your job search will never end, and you'll end up working survival jobs

I would not wish this on any newcomer, but sadly survival jobs are a common story.This program has been simplified so that anyone can follow the step-by-step framework and can create a resumé and LinkedIn profile that gives the Canadian hiring executives insights into the true value you deliver to any organization.

You're excited about having a career that's perfect for your in Canada

You moved to Canada for a better life, for yourself and your children. And a great life starts with a great career. And a great career starts with the right resumé and LinkedIn profile that perfectly speaks to your skills and experience and the value you bring to any organization. This program will do this for you!

You're interested to discover the top 10 skills and responsibilities in the Canadian job market

By now, you know that research into the Canadian job market is the foundation for creating a resumé and LinkedIn profile that converts. You can't wait to dive right in and discover this important information for yourself. You will finally have the confidence knowing exactly which skills to market and which gaps to fill.

You feel confident getting your access, knowing you have 30 days to try it out

As I said, the most important thing for you right now is to make an informed decision. You don't have to say "Yes" or "No" to this program. Get inside it, action it, see if you get more calls for interviews. If it works, great! If not, send an email to me, connel@zero2hired.com, and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you said "Yes" to at least six of the above, I can't wait to meet you inside RESUMÉ & LINKEDIN BLUEPRINT




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A newcomer to Canada, Connel Valentine knows how stressful a job search can be.

Through extensive research in North American job search strategies, Connel has simplified the process of creating professional resumés and LinkedIn profiles

He will show you a step-by-step approach “professionals” would otherwise charge you several 100s of dollars to create.

Now you can learn how he has crafted resumés that have given job seekers in Canada a career they always dreamed of having.