in 2 weeks

(without mass-applying to jobs, meeting all the requirements and experience, or stressing over every interview question)

If you are (or soon to be) a newcomer to Canada or a new graduate in Canada looking for a job that matches your interests, qualifications and experience level, then you probably already know you need to beat the local competition with a unique job application strategy.

You already KNOW that if your qualifications and experience qualified you to immigrate to Canada, then this market is just right for you if an employer gave you a chance.

And once you find that first job, you’ll get the experience you need to move up the corporate ladder quickly, and start that perfect life you’ve dreamed of having in Canada.



As a newcomer or new graduate in Canada, even if you have the right qualifications and experience, having an advanced job search and interview strategy can get you to…


Imagine having peace of mind of being able to land in Canada with a busy schedule of job interviews to go to. Depending on company culture, some organizations are even willing to extend job offers remotely if you’re close to your landing date. 


“Canadian experience” is an excuse hiring managers use to end the interview. If Canadian experience means working in Canada, you wouldn’t have gotten the interview to begin with. When you prepare for a job interview the right way, your answers will excite the recruiters and managers, job interviews turn to enthusiastic conversations, leading to the offer.


With an advanced job application strategy, you can target the highest paying companies in Canada ( You will have the confidence to negotiate a win-win salary without that awkward feeling that comes with discussing money with your future employer.


An advanced job search strategy puts you in control of your career. You don’t have to settle for jobs far below your experience level out of desperation. You came to Canada for a better life, and that starts with having the job you want at a company you love.


applyING for a job? easy.

But where ARE the responses?

As your landing date in Canada approaches, you get extremely busy with wrapping things up in your home country. You take a stab at trying to apply for a couple jobs online in the few moments you have to spare.

But the responses don’t come.

And for the few that do get through, recruiters tell you “Call us when you land…”, and you feel rejected!

Then you arrive in Canada, and reality sets in. You’re jobless!

Once again, you apply for job after job online. Your response rate is disappointing. You’re lucky to even get a handful of interviews.

Then you’re either told you don’t have enough “Canadian experience” or even worse, you’re completely ignored, without any feedback on why you did not get the job.

The bills are piling up. You miss your family. You’re wondering if this move was a big mistake.

So you take up a survival job to make ends meet. You think it’s your qualifications, so you join bridging programs or other educational programs.

That eats more into your time and savings, making your job search even more harder.


Because their qualifications and experience got them to be eligible to immigrate, newcomers think Canadian employers will be waiting with open arms to shower them with job offers.

It is not their fault because the immigration system advertises it as such and no one told them any better.

In reality, Canadian employers don’t know or care about your residency status. They don’t even know what “PR” or “IELTS” even means.

To them, you are competing with other Canadian citizens for the same job, who have way more Canadian experience than you.

Settlement services don’t provide a step-by-step roadmap to your job search strategy. They give you a collection of resources to figure out on your own, boring lectures as per their schedule, and mentors that give you industry-specific advice, but no specialized guidance on your job search strategy that you can only expect from a professional career coach.

In other words, they help you get at par with other Canadians competing for the same job as you, but no unique strategies on how to beat them to the job offer.


Luckily for you, there are very few job seekers out there that are doing it right.

In all likelihood, your competition is applying to job after job online and not getting responses as well. Hiring managers and recruiters are sifting through stacks of resumés, and selecting the ones that a software (called the application tracking system – ATS) ranks the highest.

This means even if you don’t have all the experience and qualifications required for the job, you can still get the attention of the hiring manager with an advanced job application strategy that bypasses the software system. This will make them say “Hmm, you are different. I want to talk to you!”

And by following a step-by-step framework for preparing for your job interview, you can be certain that you will be the easy choice to the hiring manager, come decision time to extend the job offer.




(and how you can succeed!)

reason #1

Placing too much trust in online job application systems, relying on technology to get you the job interview. This leads to endlessly applying for jobs and never getting responses, and you start doubting your own qualifications that got you to Canada.


A step-by-step process that will guide you to take control of the application by ranking higher than other candidates, and contacting hiring executives directly convincing them you are the best person for the job


Underestimating the power of cover letters. While a resumé explains HOW you want the job, a cover letter explains WHY you want it, which is just as important to a hiring manager.


A simple framework to create powerful cover letters that grabs the attention of the reader, even if you are unfamiliar with creative writing techniques.

reason #3

They don’t take advantage of the hidden job market. Most jobs in Canada are being filled through referrals and word-of-mouth. Newcomers miss out on the vast majority of the hidden job market


A targeted job search strategy. You actively select the companies you want to work for, and apply a systematic approach to get the hiring manager’s attention, to consider you for inside openings and referrals.


You think you can come up with the right answers at the job interview. Without adequate preparation, Canadian managers are not impressed, and will tell you “You don’t have Canadian experience”.


A job interview preparation process where Canadian work culture is at the heart of that system. You will walk into every interview with the confidence you need to ace every interview question and get the job offer.

Shh... here is a



In Canada, it’s the hiring manager that has all the power and authority to make the decision to hire you. Not HR.

A personal request from the hiring manager to call you in for the interview will always be granted by the recruiter.

If a third party recruiter is advertising a job, it’s because the hiring manager couldn’t find the right fit for the job from their own network, and unwillingly paid a third party company to find candidates for them.

By now, you already know that getting the attention of the hiring manager is the single most important element of your job application strategy.

As long as you avoid the blunders most newcomers make of simply applying for the job and HOPING they get a call, you will instead take control and contact the hiring manager directly.

All you need, is a step-by-step application guide and interview prep plan that gets the hiring managers to take notice of your application and convinces them you are the best candidate for the job.




A step-by-step job application and interview framework proven to increase your application responses and convert job interviews to offers.

By studying and researching from the top career coaches in North America, I was able to construct an effective 10-step job application process for every job I applied to online. And a job interview preparation framework that got me pumped for the interview.

My results? Three job offers in just three weeks after landing in Canada. And my students who studied this process have even bested me – some getting jobs offers 30 days before landing in Canada.



It takes all the conflicting overwhelming information you’ve seen about job searching and puts it in an easy-to-follow process that you can be sure you’re leaving no stone unturned for every job application.

The true result? Not just the job that’s perfect for you. It’s more than that. You get job security in Canada for life. Because in these uncertain times, you know how to job search in a way that your competition is totally unaware of!




No high-level ideas and theories about keywords and resumé customization. This is a step-by-step guide where I actually share my screen and show you how it’s done. Nothing is left to assumption, and you can literally mimic the methodology I use to consistently rank the highest in your job application.


Convincing hiring managers that you are the best person for the job requires you to market your skills and the value you bring to the organization directly to them. With this program, you don’t have to be a marketing expert. You have a framework you can easily replicate in your cover letters and direct communication to hiring managers


A meticulous preparation plan for the job interview, that covers everything from a research plan to prepping for the toughest interview questions with a standard framework for every answer.


Job Interview Mastery will teach you a 4-part proven process that you can complete in 2 weeks or less but you can continue using for the lifespan of your career

click each module to learn more

Writing Expert Cover Letters and Marketing Emails

In order to get hiring managers to notice your application, you have to entice them into reading your resumé.

Therefore, the first step is to understand how to write like a marketing expert, even if you’ve never written cover letters before.

This module will break down cover letter writing and direct email writing to the hiring executives. They will easily see the difference between your writing style and other candidates, and that difference is all they need to short list you for the interview.


  •  Learn the golden rules for every cover letter and email that’s written to a hiring manager, and how to “hook” them into reading your resumé.

  • Implement a 4-part structure to every cover letter that’s concise yet effective. This consistency means you will only improve your writing skills and feel even more confident with every cover letter you write

  •  Writing to a recruiter? I got you covered. Learn how a special type of recruiter-friendly cover letter got me interviews with recruiters even without reading my resumé.

  • Download multiple cover letter templates so you can preview various types of cover letters for difference industries in case you get stuck and need inspiration.

The Job Track Process

Now that you know how to write to convince, it’s time to apply to jobs the right way to get responses.

This 10-step job application process I call the Job Track Process, combines all the knowledge of various career experts into a simple framework for you to follow.

Every step is designed to double your chances of getting a response from the hiring executives. This process alone will give you an unfair advantage over your competition as you cut through the noise of over 200 candidates, and get the hiring manager to notice you!


  • Scan your resumé through keyword automation tools to optimize it to rank higher than other candidates.

  • Discover sneaky tactics to discover the contact details of the hiring executives, and a research process to wow the hiring managers in your direct emails and cover letter to them.

  • Execute a direct contact marketing plan with the hiring executives that guarantees they are reviewing your resumé, without being intrusive or annoying, but persuasive.

Job Interview Preparation

You’ve got the job interview, now it’s time to prepare for it.

Here, you will discover the most common mistakes newcomers make are Canadian job interviews and how to avoid them yourself.

You will get into the minds of the hiring managers, so you understand the hidden criteria and agenda they use in selecting the winning candidate.

Even if you’ve done several interviews already, you are going to learn how to prepare for them the right way, so you will actually look forward to the interview instead of stressing over it.


  •  With 25+ years of interviewing Canadian candidates, discover success and failure stories from past candidates that you can relate and learn from.

  • Deconstruct your Top 10 skills and responsibilities, and discover how to build a framework around them to structure your answers so that you are confident of having an answer to every type of question at the interview.

  • Learn how to be a memorable story-teller in a way that is concise, yet markets your skills and leaves the hiring manager wanting to hear more about you.

  • Prepare in advance for the first interview question “Tell me about yourself.” Break the ice and calm those nerves with a well-rehearsed opening answer that sets the foundation for a successful interview.

The Hot Seat

It’s the big day!

The first of many interviews to come. And with Module 3 completed, you are now looking forward to this!

This module covers the most common questions that can be used at an interview, and how to most effectively answer them with Canadian work culture in mind.


  • Discover how to ace the phone-screen call with the recruiter. Learn to use that conversation to not just get shortlisted for the next round, but to also discover useful information that will impress the hiring manager.

  • Discover confidence boosting regimes before the interview that will get your mindset in the right place to calm your nerves.

  • From “What are your weaknesses?” to “How many tennis balls can fit into this room?”, learn the right way to answer the toughest interview questions.

  • The job offer is yours. Now learn how to negotiate the salary you deserve, without feeling awkward and sounding desperate.

  • Congratulations! It’s your first day on the job. Now you need to keep it! Learn the biggest lessons in Canadian corporate culture to not just survive your first 90-day probation, but impress your management and set the foundation for the rest of your career in Canada.


JOB INTERVIEW MASTERY is designed to do one thing – to get you more responses from your online job applications which convert to job interviews. It’s only when you start getting responses will you feel productive in your job search, and with the right preparation your job interviews will eventually convert to multiple job offers.

But unlike other programs, I don’t want you to wait the 18 weeks most newcomers have to endure before seeing results.

If you enrol right now, watch a couple of short videos, and execute the job search strategy within the next 2 weeks, I’m confident you will start to see your mailbox lighting up and cell phone ringing with responses.

The job interview challenge is my promise to you that you will get more responses from your online job applications within the next 30 days if you apply the framework and guidelines from this program.

If you don’t get the responses you were expecting, send me an email directly at within the next 30 days, and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


when you enrol now...





Yes. If you have applied for immigration and have a valid PR/ITA in hand, this course is especially designed for you. If you’re like most newcomers to Canada who want to get job interviews lined up, or better still, a job offer in hand before arriving, this program gives you the tools you need to make that happen.

If you’ve chosen to take a different route to your immigration, such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) then you need a job offer from a designated employer to qualify. Once again, this program helps you get those job offers by standing out from your competition. 

Remember, there are 100s if not 1000s of other people applying for the same job as you. This program is designed to give you an unfair advantage over them.

As you approach your landing date, you will start to get more stressed about your job situation.

Wouldn’t it be great to test applying for jobs right now to observe if you get responses? This way, you will be aware if your approach will actually work when you land, and you’ll have a peaceful transition, confident that you will be able to secure a job faster than you thought possible.

Plus, you have lifetime access to this course and you get all the updates in the future at no extra charge.

As I type this, here is a message I just received today from someone on LinkedIn: “Hi Connel, I am Divya, qualified chartered accountant from India. I am planning to move to Canada along with my husband. I do have expertise in Canada Tax from past 4 years; handling Indirect and Direct Tax returns (Tax Provisioning as well). If you come across of any suitable openings, would it be possible for you to connect with me?”

This is typically what people do when they say they are “contacting hiring managers directly”.

This approach never works in Canada.

This program will give you a writing framework that will show you the right approach that actually works in Canada and will get you the responses you need from hiring managers when you message them directly via LinkedIn or email.

I personally have nothing against newcomer services. I think they do a great job. But there are several shortcomings to their program as well

  1. It’s all done in person. You have to attend their sessions as per their schedule while you are busy trying to settle down. They don’t have strong online programs to prepare you before you land in Canada. This means if you rely on them, you are guaranteed to be jobless for several weeks while you attend their sessions after you land. It will cost you several 1000s of dollars in lost salary by then.

  2. As with any live program, the quality of sessions is dependant on the quality of the instructor and their mood on that day. With Job Interview Mastery, you consistently get quality content for every lesson. Because each lesson has been perfectly crafted and edited to give you the best value that you paid for.

  3. Their goal is to get you a job. As long as you are employed, they get to attribute that to success in their numbers. Our students invest in this program because they are trying to get a job that’s right for them. Not internships or survival jobs.

The content is 6 hours of lessons in total.

I suggest taking an hour a day to get through the content in a week. And then spend the next week following the guidelines and exercises as you apply for jobs using the new Job track Process methodology and getting more responses.

If you’re a trooper, you can complete the entire course in a single sitting, and start applying for job using the new methodology the next day!

As soon as you place your order by filling out the form in the next screen, our support staff will get alerted.

Within 24 hours, you will receive credentials to access the course via email.

How long do you have access? How does life-time sound? That’s right. You will have lifetime access to this course, and if we make updates to it as we frequently do, you will get those updates at no extra charge.

I get it. Even at this price, it is a lot of money to some. Which is why I want you to make an informed decision. The only way you can make an informed decision is from inside this program.

I don’t want your money unless you are seeing results. If you are not getting more calls for interviews within 30 days, no hard feelings. Send me an email to I click a button and you get a full refund!

You’re not alone. I will personally see to it that you have everything you need to get the job that’s right for you in Canada.

Send an email directly to me at

I hate email clutter, so trust me. I will personally respond to you ASAP!


You're ready for a life-changing career in Canada with Job Interview Mastery if...

  • You’re still in your home country and planning to move to Canada in a couple of months. If you’re like most newcomers, you’d want to try and get a job offer before landing. This program will be perfect to help you beat the local competition already in Canada, and convince the hiring manager to hold the position till you arrive.

  • You live in Canada and have not been getting responses for your online job applications. Perhaps you’ve recently arrived or have been here for a couple of months. Reality has really set in and you’ve been jobless a lot longer than you planned for. Job Interview Mastery will end your job search once and for all so you can get your life in Canada started right away
  • You feel you have the required skills and experience for the job you’re targeting. Don’t let Canadian experience scare you. As long as you’re meet the bare minimum qualifications in the job description, this program will get you the job you want.

  • You’re willing to put in at least 3 hours per day towards your job search. This is a serious program for serious job seekers only. If you feel a job search is about tossing your generic resumé to whatever jobs show up online for 30 mins and then retiring to Netflix for the rest of the day, this program is not for you. Job Interview Mastery will help you achieve your career goals if you’re willing to commit to the time your career requires from you.

  • In fact, you are already investing time and energy towards you job search, customizing your resumé, applying for jobs online, contacting people on LinkedIn. It’s just that you don’t have a framework in place to tie it all together and systematize your strategy, which leaves you feeling depressed, desperate and discouraged about your decision to move to Canada. All that’s going to change inside Job Interview Mastery.

  • You’re worried that you may have to work several levels below your qualifications – maybe even resort to survival jobs. Many newcomers who succumb to survival jobs did not execute a job search the way the competitive and conservative Canadian market demands. If you’re ready to take ownership of your job search, Job Interview Mastery will show you how to get a job that matches your interests, qualifications and experience.

  • You’re excited about your future career opportunities in Canada and the high quality of education. But career opportunities are competitive and education is expensive. You need a system that gives you an unfair advantage over other candidates, and job interview skills that lead to a job offer where you expertly negotiate the salary you deserve. And that’s what Job Interview Mastery gives you.

  • You are excited to try the 10-Step Job Track process that will get you more responses for your applications. Even if you’ve been applying to job after job online and not getting any responses, you’re excited to know that by this time tomorrow or next week, you will be applying to jobs online in Canada and finally getting those responses that will lead to interviews.

  • You feel confident grabbing your access details knowing you have 30 days to try it out. It’s quite simple. Either you execute the plan outlined in the program and get more job interviews within the next 30 days, and for your entire career. Or you shoot me an email at and I refund all your money.  

If you said “YES” to at least six of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside JOB INTERVIEW MASTERY



A newcomer to Canada himself, Connel is the co-founder of Canadian Job Search Academy, an organization that has helped countless newcomers to Canada find the perfect career that fits their interests, skills and qualifications.

He's been invited to speak at Canadian Immigrant fairs, various immigration services, and has held job workshops at universities and colleges in Toronto. And he's now a proud Canadian citizen.

He's achieved what most newcomers dream of getting – three job offers in just three weeks from landing in Canada, and two promotions within three years after that. Now he's on a mission to help fellow newcomers succeed by getting jobs before or soon after landing in Canada



A newcomer to Canada himself, Connel is the co-founder of Canadian Job Search Academy, an organization that has helped countless newcomers to Canada find the perfect career that fits their interests, skills and qualifications.

He's been invited to speak at Canadian Immigrant fairs, various immigration services, and has held job workshops at universities and colleges in Toronto. And he's now a proud Canadian citizen.

He's achieved what most newcomers dream of getting – three job offers in just three weeks from landing in Canada, and two promotions within three years after that. Now he's on a mission to help fellow newcomers succeed by getting jobs before or soon after landing in Canada