Job Interview Mastery


Customize Your Resumé

Guarantee you will be shortlisted with these secret tweaks to your resumé.

Contact Hiring Managers

Cut out your competition by contacting hiring managers directly with the right messaging.

Ace The Job Interview

Learn basic to advanced job interview techniques that will finally get you the job of your dreams.



Lesson Plan

01 – Introduction
Meet your new instructor: Connel runs through the basic components of the job application process and why every stage is important for you and the decision makers on the other side.

02 – The Right Way To Customize Your Resumé
You know it’s important to customize your resumé. But no one tells you how. You tend to make a few edits of your skills and leave it at that. Connel shows you how to modify your resumé the right way, and audit your results so you’re guaranteed to make it to the top of the shortlist. (3 Lectures)

03 – Contact Decisions Makers Directly
Most people apply for jobs online and let fate decide the rest. The real go-getters don’t believe in fate. They take control of their application and go after the job. Connel shows you how to discover the decision makers and reach out to them directly with messaging that gets them curious to learn more about you. (3 Lectures)

04 – Sneaky Tactics To Get Noticed
Connel first gives you all the important elements of an online job application to make sure you’ve covered your ground. But your application does not end after you click “Submit”. Connel shows you some additional steps you can take to tips the scales in your favour and beat your competition (4 Lectures)

05 – Introduction To Canadian Job Interviews
Connel introduces how job interviews are conducted in Canada and how they are different from other countries.

06 – Job Interview Ethics 101
Too many people get the basics of job interviewing wrong. Connel covers the most common mistakes seen by candidates at job interviews so you can catch them early and stop yourself from making these red flag mistakes. (3 Lectures)

07 – Get Job Interview Ready
Many job seekers feel the research they need to prepare for before the interview is about the company alone. The truth is, only 10% of the interview will talk about the company. The rest will be about you. Connel shows you the best ways of preparing for a job interview so you walk into the room with confidence.

08 – Ace The Phone-Screen Interview
A lot of people don’t take the phone screen interview seriously. This is a big mistake. Your interview has already started. This call from the recruiter (most likely) will decide whether you get to the second round with the hiring manager. Connel explains the most critical mistakes people make during the phone screen interview, and how you can avoid them.

09 – The Important Steps Before An Interview
It’s normal to feel nervous before an interview. But not to a point where it compromises your performance. Connel gives you specific steps you can take just before an interview to calm those interview jitters. (3 Lectures)

10 – How To Answer Basic Interview Questions
Get the basics right, and you are already ahead of your competition. Connel covers the most important questions asked during an interview. He explains why these questions are asked, and what the recruiter or hiring manager is expecting in an answer, and how to answer them effectively.

11 – How To Answer Advanced Interview Questions
Better the company, tougher the interview. Candidates stand out from how they perform during those trick questions. “What are your weaknesses?” is the easiest tough question. Connel gives more examples and explains the reasons behind the hard questions so you can answer them with confidence. Seasoned professionals and newcomers have other challenges about over qualification and lack of Canadian experience that he covers as well. (11 Lectures)

12 – How To Negotiate The Salary You Deserve
Candidates are losing 1000s of dollars by being afraid to negotiate the salary you deserve. Recruiters always expect you to negotiate a salary that is fair, because they are trying to get the best value from you. Business is business. Connel explains how you can negotiate a high salary that is within their range without compromising your job offer. (3 Lectures)

13 – Surviving The Probation Period
Congratulations. You got the job! But it’s not over yet. Many recruiters have stated that newcomers to Canada don’t get past the probation period because hiring managers feel they are not a good fit. Connel covers how to conduct yourself in the first 90 days on the job to set a solid foundation of your career ahead with this company. (1 Lecture)


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