Network Builders Society


Find the right people

Find the right people who have the power and authority to hire you.

Connect Right

Learn to request for a connection in a way that guarantees a positive response.

Get Informational Interviews

Own the meeting and impress them, so they speak highly of you to their network.



Lesson Plan

01 – Introduction
Meet your new instructor: Connel explains the right mindset when building your network in Canada, and how Canadian culturally think. Knowing this sets the foundation of what you will learn for the rest of the course.

02 – Networking Mistakes & Myths
With no real resources out there teaching you how to network effectively in Canada, people get it very very wrong. Their requests for meeting with people gets rejected, even though they make it clear they are not going to be asking for jobs. You are still asking people for their time. Connel clears up the wrong ways of networking today and the misconceptions of the networking practices for job seekers. (4 Video Lectures)

03 – Finding Your Ideal Network
Most people believe networking is about going to events and volunteering. This can be a big waste of time. There is no guarantee you will be meeting people who have the power and authority to hire you. Connel shows you how to maximize your networking efforts by teaching you how to discover the places you can find your ideal network. i.e. Decision makers who can give you the job you want. (7 Lectures)

04 – Converting Contacts to Meetings
How many times have you asked your network for in-person meetings, only to have them either reject your offer, or come up with some reason why they can’t meet? Even though you’re not asking for a job. It’s just an excuse. Remember, everyone has time for others, but only if they believe it’s worth it. Learn to build your brand and establish relations with your network in a way that will make it impossible for them to say “No” to meet with you. (8 Lectures)

05 – Creating Advocates
People brag about how many connections they have on LinkedIn. But how many of those connections are willing to give you a job, or a referral to someone they know who has an opening? Now that you know how to convince people to meet you, learn to build trust with your contact so they refer you to their network and job openings they hear of well in advance.

06 – The Right Way To Use Linked In
Job seekers limit themselves to using LinkedIn to just send connecting requests and InMails. There are so many other ways to use LinkedIn that would benefit their networking efforts. Connel goes through each of the unknown areas of LinkedIn that your not utilizing today that will benefit both your brand and networking habits.

07 – How To Win Recruiter’s Hearts
Recruiters are busy people. Too many job seekers reaching out to them desperate to get placed into a job in Canada. Connel knows how recruiters in Canada think because he’s spoken to them directly and knows what makes them tick. He explains what you can do to stand out from all that noise, and get recruiters to actually pay attention to you.

08 – Convince Your Network To Meet In-Person
“I’d like to meet for coffee sometime.” So many job seekers trying to get a conversation with their network, only to be snubbed off with a “I don’t have time”. People do have time. You just have to convince them you are worthy of theirs. Connel shows you how you can lure your network into agreeing to meet with you in-person.

09 – The Ultimate Guide To A Memorable Informational Interview
You now have your contact in front of you. How do you have a conversation that leaves them trusting you with their network and ready to refer you to the next job that becomes available in their social circles? Connel explains the most appropriate way to conduct yourself in an informational interview that will open more doors to jobs from your network.

10  – How To Build Your Network Fast
Those that are ending their job search the quickest, are the ones who make networking a daily habit. But it’s important to know what the right things to do are. Connel has created a foolproof networking program that gives you a step-by-step breakdown with a supporting blueprint of how networking should be done. By the end of the program, you’ll have more job interviews than you can handle!


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