Resume LinkedIn Blueprint


Research The Job Market

Learn the right way to research which skills and responsibilities are important for your job.

Create Your Resumé

Learn to create a resumé that is guaranteed to get shortlisted every single time .

Go All-Star LinkedIn

Build a LinkedIn profile that will get recruiters finding you when they search for talent.




Find below the course outline

01 – Introduction
Meet your new instructor: Connel explains the right mindset to enter the Canadian job market, and an comprehensive overview of what decision makers and recruiters are looking for in a resumé and LinkedIn profile

02 – Understanding the Canadian Job Market
How to use free online tools to find your target job title, the core roles and responsibilities for that role, and the key skills you need for that job

03 – Critical Mistakes to Avoid On Your Resumé
Resumés and created differently in Canada. Connel shows you all the common mistakes that are red flags to Canadian recruiters. Avoid these mistakes to make sure your document does not end up in the recycle bin.

04 – Basic Overview of a Canadian Resumé
Screen Share: A look at the various components that make up a resumé that complies with Canadian standards.

05 – Resumé Sections
Unaware job seekers stuff their resumés will irrelevant and boring content. That’s the main reason they never hear back from job applications. Want to avoid their mistakes? Connel shows you how to embrace your skills and experience in each section of your resumé.

06 – Formatting Your Resumé To Perfection
Content is important. But so is the look and feel of your resumé. How do you create a resumé that appeals to the reader at first glance? Connel walks you through how to format every section of your resumé, creating a document that not only reads well, but looks good too.

07 – Introduction to LinkedIn
Many job seekers focus on just their resumé and not their LinkedIn profile. At most, they copy paste the content of their resumé into LinkedIn. Connel explains why this is a huge mistake, and why LinkedIn is crucial to your job search in Canada.

08 – Components of an All-Star LinkedIn Profile
The  goal of your LinkedIn profile? To be found by recruiters when they search for candidates. Every section of your LinkedIn profile helps with this. Connel shows you the various areas of your profile, what they mean and why they are important.

09 – Breaking Down You Profile Step-By-Step
From your photograph to your volunteering experience, Connel breaks down each section of your LinkedIn profile and explains how you can provide content that speaks to your skills, endorses your worth and ultimately makes you stand out from your competition.

10 – Telling Your Story
Your LinkedIn profile is not a copy paste of your resumé. It should tell a story of your work and accomplishments. Connel explains a simple format for narrating the story of your past experience that gets recruiters and hiring managers eager to call you.

11 – Your Completed Profile
With your profile complete how do you know it’s any good? Connel provides a handy tool to audit your profile and of course, you get a one-on-one coaching session with him for a live assessment of your LinkedIn profile.


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