Resume Services – Premium Package


Ideal for mid-senior level professionals looking to climb the career ladder and grow their network to access the hidden job market

  • Up To 10 Business Days Delivery
  • Researched Skills and Responsibilities
  • Resumé Creation And Review
  • Linked Profile Creation and Review
  • Keyword Optimization (Resumé & LinkedIn)
  • Online Resumé and LinkedIn Video Course ($199 Value)
  • 60-minute Career Coaching Session


The premium package is ideal for mid to senior level management determined to climb the career ladder in Canada.

You know how it is – for senior level roles it’s not about what you know. It’s about who you know and who knows you.

This premium package ensures you get a resumé that speaks to your biggest accomplishments as a mid-senior level manager, and has the right story-telling content that senior hiring executives love to see in a LinkedIn profile.

It has everything you need to create a high-ranking and high-converting resumé, and we compliment it with a LinkedIn profile that is highly optimized for conversion, as well a building and impressing your professional network.

As an added bonus, you get access to an evergreen online course that will show you how to keep your resumé and LinkedIn profile relevant and up-to-date as you continuously seek your next promotion and job opportunity.

You also get additional personalized career coaching advice to support you on your career journey.

This package is clear winner for serious careerists determined to climb the corporate ladder in Canada.


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