Resume Services – Silver Package


Ideal for entry level job seekers creating their first resumé

  • Up To 14 business days delivery
  • Researched Skills and Responsibilities
  • Resumé Creation And Review





If you’re seeking an entry to mid-level management job, this package is ideal to get your career started right in Canada.

I get it! Money is tight, and the bills are piling up.

You need a job that not only pays the bills but gets you climbing up the corporate ladder with a strong foundational job that you want to do.

This resumé package will ensure your skills and strengths stand out from the rest of the competition who think they can do a resumé all on their own. While they are stuck applying for job after job online without getting any results, you will hold a resumé that will keep your email buzzing with job interview appointments.

Create a rock solid foundation for yourself in Canada with a resumé that converts to job interviews for every online application.


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