Everything You Will Need To Land Your Dream Job In Canada

Want To End Your Job Search Sooner?

  • Is your upcoming move to Canada scaring you because you will land without a job?
  • Are you concerned about the horror stories online about survival jobs and doctors driving taxis?
  • Are you in Canada and frustrated that it feels like your job search is never going to end?
  • Do you want to get the job you want and not settle for the first thing that comes your way?
  • Do you want a job where you don't have to start from scratch and your professional experience counts?
  • Are you concerned you don't have Canadian experience or may be considered as overqualified?

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Bonus Course: Understanding Canadian Work Culture

  • Discover key soft skills needed by Canadians in the workplace
  • Learn how manager and employee relationships are managed
  • Realize how leadership styles are different in Canada
  • Understand how management expect teamwork to be practiced
  • Interpret language and feedback accurately to avoid misunderstandings

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Meet Your Instructor

Connel is a newcomer to Canada who managed to secure three job offers two weeks after landing. How did he accomplish this?

By carefully researching every aspect of a job search before landing, he used that research to carefully craft a foolproof 10-step process for every job application.

He calls it the “Job Track Process”. It’s designed to quadruple your chances at getting the interview. Then once in the room, you have to leave a lasting impression on the hiring executives.

In this course, he shows you how to prepare for any interview question that can be thrown at you. Hiring managers will be left stunned at your performance at the interview. The job will be yours!


All Modules + Bonuses
$ 597 One-Time Payment
  • Resumé & LinkedIn Blueprint Digital Course (C$199)
  • Network Builder's Society Digital Course (C$199)
  • Job Interview Mastery Digital Course (C$299)
  • Canadian Work Culture Digital Course (C$199)
  • 4 x One-on-One Coaching Sessions (C$597)
  • e-Book: Complete Guide To Canadian Job Search (C$27)